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VIDEO: Marshalls F1 race Monaco to escape the death

279ba4270838b4789c99ef107495682b - VIDEO: Marshalls F1 race Monaco to escape the death

During the GP of Monaco are two of the baanmarshalls escaped a terrible accident, as appears from images that Sergio Perez online placed.

After Charles Leclerc a lot of debris on the track did end up when he with a broken back tire back to the pit lane, trying to drive escaped the Formula 1 to a terrible incident.

Baanmarshalls went to the circuit on to the fragments of the job. Two baanmarshalls found themselves suddenly for Sergio Perez on the track when the Mexican after his pit stop from the pit lane drove off.

Especially the second baanmarshall escaped from a terrible collision. He had the right reflex to stop the run and knew at the same time happiness because Perez is not in the direction fled to the other marshall to dodge.

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