Throbbing names on the 6th edition of Legacy Festival

Throbbing names on the 6th edition of Legacy Festival

A whole range of impressive names such as Vengaboys, Kate Ryan, Darren Emerson ( ex Underworld), Push (Live), Bonzai All Stars and many others make their appearance for the 6th edition of Legacy Festival. Year after year sold out, the festival will also this year provide the ultimate festival experience. Dancing with the feet in the water or on the silvery white beach, while you completely out of the sphere goes on the numbers of the years ’90 and ’00? Appointment on Saturday, June 15, at the silver lake in Mol!

As in previous years, remains the Legacy Festival a dagfestival where you will be able to party in a beautiful environment. In the middle of the green, with view on the vast silver lake, will be there this year 3 stages descend on the beautiful beach. A unique location that distinguishes it from all other festivals and where you are more in Ibiza feel than in Belgium. Legacy Festival chose this year to resolutely single-stage, less so the 3 stages from each other can be separated and even bigger and impressionanter than the previous years.

Legacy Festival brings together many of the ‘older’ party generations with the younger in a frantic atmosphere that makes for lavish party scenes from beginning to end. You should you expect all of those numbers in which all hands time and time again the air go in and be guaranteed a smile on your face.

On the mainstage act this year to resounding names like the Vengaboys with hits such as ‘We like to Party’ and ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, boom!’ the perfect representatives of the Legacy atmosphere. Also gold and platinum award winner Kate Ryan-whose hits ‘Desenchantée’, ‘Voyage Voyage’ and ‘Elle l’a ” we will, without a doubt be transported to higher realms. And then there are the ‘wrong’ tunes of Dorothee Vegas & Like martin to the party continued in fire and flame. Atmosphere guaranteed on the mainstage, where also a whole series of djs as the German Quicksilver, DJ Wout of o.a. Sylver, DJ F. R. A. N. K. and many others for the beautiful weather.

To good practice could also the Bonzai stage this year, not missing out on Legacy Festival. Bonzai is always a guarantee for the best tunes and atmosphere, and that this year will be no different. Top of the bill is to Push Live with ‘Universal Nation’ is still the best dance record of all time ( according to a Switch) on his name can write. Foreign guest is this time Human Resources from the Netherlands of the hit single ‘Dominator’. And then of course all the Bonzai ‘Kings of Retro ” to begin with the Bonzai All Stars, but also Bountyhunter, Cherry Moon Trax, DJ Ghost and many others.