Theater evacuated due to a fire at the neighbors

6b87f6e8dca68f2237415024a08b6072 - Theater evacuated due to a fire at the neighbors

Sunday afternoon was during a performance of the EWT cleared. The reason for this? There was a fire uitbroken in an adjacent building. Frank De Kaey was at that moment in the theatre, he is part of the cast of the show who at that time ran.

“Due to a fire in an adjacent building in the Grapheusstraat, is the namiddagvoorstelling of STEPPING OUT on Sunday, may 26, prematurely. The hall is in the peace and tranquillity in a few minutes cleared. Never is there any danger for the spectators and there is no material damage in the EWT-Theater. The archives of the Justice of the peace that is behind the theatre has suffered”, responds The Kaey. All present spectators will be by the EWT-Theatre be contacted to a different representation to be able to attend.