Natalia takes musical break

385159a40d1885666ea58ecfa811618f - Natalia takes musical break

Immediately after the finals of The Voice Van Vlaanderen last Friday is Natalia on a musical hiatus began. The singer posted a photo on Instagram with the message “I’ll be back”. A lot of fans were hoping that the message is the harbinger of a new single would be, but it’s just about the opposite. According to her manager Stijn Peeters takes Natalia a conscious break to have some time for themselves. Natalia takes, so take farewell of the public, but not for long. The chance is also big that we will very soon photos of Natalia in the sun on the sea and beach. But Natalia is also in new material work, let Peeters know. If everything runs smoothly, there will be even more this year with a new solo album. This summer, the two years since the album “the Sound of Me” was released. Natalia will be in the coming months have in abundance to enjoy the life and new music to work. The positive is that they are there for the next few months in focus, there is slehcts one occur in its public agenda. On its website we see that they are at the beginning of July on ‘After Fir e bolg’, and which, together with Jef Neve. That is, for now, the only gig between now and early december on the planning. On 7 december of this year, there is a revival of the tour of Natalia together with the musician Jef Neve. Logically, there would be after a new album, a new tour, that will or something for the year 2020. No pressure on the shoulders of Natalia explains, she comes with new music as it is satisfied with the result and good for them.