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Max Verstappen during the GP of Monaco was elected ‘Driver of The Day’

e9817058839c49cd8a7c4561ce6a5160 - Max Verstappen during the GP of Monaco was elected 'Driver of The Day'

Max Verstappen was at the GP of Monaco by the F1 fans voted ‘Driver of The Day’.

It is the second race in a row that Max Verstappen by the F1 fans ‘Driver of The Day’ was elected. Thus is he on the same level with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

Verstappen started the race in third place and managed to get it during the pit stops to close for Bottas and Vettel back on the track. The Dutchman was, however, a time penalty of five seconds for a so-called ‘unsafe release’ and collision with Bottas in the pits.

After the pit stops he came second, just behind race leader Lewis Hamilton to lie. Verstappen drove long fights just behind the Brit, but it was only one time really an attack on Hamilton. That attack led just before the chicane to contact but fortunately both gentlemen their way.

Verstappen drove as second over the finish line but finished by his penalty the race as fourth. Ultimately, it was enough for the F1 fans to Max Verstappen to ‘Driver of The Day’ is to be preferred.

Summary of winners ‘Driver of The Day award:
GP of Australia: Valtteri Bottas
GP of Bahrain: Charles Leclerc
GP of China: Alexander Albon
GP of Azerbaijan: Charles Leclerc
GP of Spain: Max Verstappen
GP of Monaco: Max Verstappen

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