Last male Sumatran rhino died

Last male Sumatran rhino died

In a state of the Malaysian island of Borneo in the region until recently, the last bull of the oldest and smallest neushoornsoort. That have local media Monday reported.

‘The rhino ‘Tam’ got more than a week of intensive care by probably ouderdomskwaaltjes as problems in the liver and kidneys,” says John Payne, executive director of the association for rhinos in Borneo.

Tam is estimated that more than thirty years old. When he in 2008 in a palm oil plantation staff and later to a protected reserve, was transferred, was his age on at least 20 years estimated.

The average life expectancy is at the Sumatran rhinos between 35 and 40 years. Now Tam is dead, it’s still one surviving female rhino in Malaysia, Iman, according to local media.

“The Sumatran rhino is a critically endangered species due to poaching for horns used in traditional medicine, and by the illegal occupation of the important habitat of the species,” says the World wildlife Fund (WWF).

By the declining number of rhinos, the remaining instances are so isolated that the chance of an encounter is small, and there hardly is associated.

Efforts to more rhinos will come in Borneo to increase proved fruitless, despite cooperation between protected areas in Indonesia and the use of technologies such as in-vitro fertilization.