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Jan Vertonghen hits certainly fit for Champions League final: “I never had to worry about”

7aac97200bd26f73614fece34cc0ce9f - Jan Vertonghen hits certainly fit for Champions League final: “I never had to worry about”

Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen hits definitely fit for the final of the Champions League against Liverpool on Saturday in the Metropolitanostadion of Madrid. “I never had to worry about”, he said Monday in an interview on VTM News.

Tottenham Hotspur

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Vertonghen jewelry is two and a half weeks ago after the miraculous 2-3 win against Ajax in the second leg of the semi-finals at the ankle. The Red Devil would the injury have occurred during the celebration of the third hit of Lucas Moura deep in added time, it was Vertonghen spotted on crutches and with right foot in a protective brace when he the Johan Cruijff Arena left. Immediately there was concern for the final. “I’ve only a half-hour’s doubt”, well-known Vertonghen.

“That half-hour right after the match against Ajax, when I got my shoes appeared, and thought: ‘you are kidding me’. I have a history with enkelblessures, I have a few had and it was a bit of the same feeling: it was swollen, I couldn’t really depend on it, but the first evaluation on the kinetafel was all fairly positive – while physiotherapists often have to be very careful. That gave me confidence for the final. I felt already pretty sure, but then you still have the scans to wait and see. Also the scan turned out positive and after three days, I was already of that shoe and crutches. Last week, I’ve totally been training for the group so, yes, I feel good.”

English tête-à-tête

The English tête-à-tête in the CL final – the first time since the Manchester United-Chelsea in 2008 – the brand new Metropolitano is also the first Champions League final between Belgians: Tottenham Hotspur are Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen, performers, Liverpool are reservedoelman Simon Mignolet and striker Divock Origi under contract. In the second leg of the semi-finals against FC Barcelona was Origi’s still the big hero with two goals.

The Champions League this year, so certainly a Belgian winner, after Daniel Van Buyten (Bayern, 2013) and Thomas Vermaelen (FC Barcelona, 2015). In 1988 won Eric Gerets with PSV in the european cup I, the precursor of the Champions League. The first edition was in 1993, won by Olympique Marseille with Raymond Goethals as coach at the helm.