How they voted in Europe? The results of the European elections by country

How they voted in Europe? The results of the European elections by country

The EPP achieves a ‘overwinningsnederlaag’, the eurosceptic bloc is growing less than predicted in the polls. Below you will find the provisional allocation of seats in the new European Parliament, and how all the European countries have voted.

The two large groups of christian and social democrats lose together 78 seats and for the first time under each other, no majority and no more. The European people’s Party (EPP) remains with 180 seats, however, signed off the largest, for the social-democrats (S&D, 146 seats). The greens and the Liberals (ALDE, that the voices of Emmanuel Macron joining) are in the winning camp.

The expected eurosceptic tsunami remains. The election victory of the Brexitpartij of Nigel Farage is the growth engine of his eurosceptic group EFDD. Also, the European Alliance of Peoples and Nations (ENF) grows to 58 seats thanks to the profit of the Lega Nord in Italy, and the Rassemblement National in France. But in Denmark and Finland scored the extreme right-wing, less than expected. And the left eurosceptishe parties (GUE/NGL) losses. Therefore, pick up the three eurosceptic parties together have 151 votes: 21 more than in the previous European Parliament, but not the growth that was predicted.

How voted in the different countries?

The whole of Europe looked forward to the result of the Brexitpartij in the United Kingdom. Nigel Farage took out almost a third of the vote, Labour and the Conservatives were blows. The Conservatives of afscheidnemend premier May was even, but the fifth party. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom, not in unison eurokritisch: the European LibDems do very well.

In France, the Rassemblement National the largest. The party of Marine Le Pen is slightly smaller than five years ago, but she is growing compared to the presidential election and above all: it is greater than, And Marche of president Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen asked immediately to the parliament to dissolve and new elections to write.

A different picture in Germany, where the Greens are the big winner. The German green party doubles his score, and the second party. The government parties CDU and SPD are also punished.

In your own country picks up the Flemish Interest is a seat in of Open VLD and N-VA. Green may not be a second seat to conquer, Bart Staes will disappear from the European Parliament.

You will find below the election results per country. Click on a country to the distribution of the seats to see, and what share of the voters came to vote.

Highest turnout ever

Incidentally, it was the rise higher than ever for the European elections.

Nowhere voted more people for the European Parliament than in our country, which is not surprising since our country compulsory voting, and the European elections coincided with the national and regional elections. Also in Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Malta was the rise above the 60 per cent. Hekkensluiter is Slovakijke, where less than 23 percent un the voters to the polls went.

The rise per country can be found in the additional information on the map above.