Hanne Decoutere ‘dies’ live on television

dc2acf88e7ddad6321b04d75a28a143d - Hanne Decoutere 'dies' live on television

The elections have not only many of the ladies and gentlemen politicians demanded, Hanne Decoutere has completely thrown. Monday morning at 7 o’clock, it presented a first extra-Journal as a result of the elections and that she did, of course, particularly well. Around 9.30 am was, however, wrong: Hanne grew more and more bothered by a heavy cough. Luckily that was during a conversation with political journalist Bart Verhulst. That was during the rather long coughing fits of Decoutere continue to talk. Fortunately, there was substance enough to be about to devote to it.
The heavy cough is struck on the vocal cords of Decoutere, but they continued.