Duncan Laurence to Pinkpop

b3c31a1324a6a626171a9c79c2ff6cb8 - Duncan Laurence to Pinkpop

Duncan Laurence, the newly crowned winner of the Eurovision song Contest, replaces the First Aid Kit on Monday 10 June at the Brightlands Stage. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter with his full band to Landgraaf.

Last week Saturday, it became known that the Swedish First Aid Kit her whole tour has had to cancel, which is also the gig at the Pinkpop festival comes to an end. On that same evening, wrote to Duncan Laurence history with the song, ‘Arcade’, the Eurovision song Contest to win. It was for the organization, given the many positive responses to his performances in Tel Aviv and its popularity, therefore not more than logical to Duncan Laurence to ask for the vacant spot. Pinkpop is the first festivaloptreden of the 25-year-old singer-songwriter this year and together with his band, the singer to prove that he has more potential than only that one winning song. After his victory, the eyes of the world on him, his first club tour in the Netherlands sold off immediately and later this year he begins his first European tour.