Brexit Party big winner in the United Kingdom, Conservatives only fifth

c53b5b5c39e40f034fcf087592c56e0d - Brexit Party big winner in the United Kingdom, Conservatives only fifth

The new EU-critical Brexit Party is the clear winner of the European elections in the United Kingdom. With nearly three-quarters of the precincts counted, the party of Nigel Farage on the way to a score of 31.7 percent. The two traditional parties, Labour and the Conservatives, get blows. The unrealised British exit from the European Union was the focus of the election.

The mood seems to be again the great discord within the Uk over the forthcoming Brexit. Because even the pro-European LibDems do very well. With 20.5 percent of the votes, they will leave on the second place.

The two traditional parties be punished. Labour must by 13.6 percent. The Tories of the chasing first minister Theresa May pick up only 9.2 percent, and should even the greens (12 percent) are a step behind.

A sign of the bad result of the Labour and the Conservative Party, is that the two party leaders have not been able to be in their own electoral constituency be created, the most votes to win. BBC News reports that Labour in Islington, the constituency of Jeremy Corbyn, the LibDems should have been presiding. In Windsor & Maidenhead, district of Theresa May, the Tories only third, after the Brexit Party and LibDems.

The European elections in the United Kingdom found Thursday place, one day before the Theresa May announced that she would be resigned as party leader and first minister.

The final results will be only in the course of Monday expected.