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Bitwise publishes new report: “the Bitcoin market is Mature & sorted” – Coin Hero

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Bitwise publishes new report: “the Bitcoin market is Mature & sorted”

Home News Bitwise publishes new report: “the Bitcoin market is Mature & sorted”

Marcus Misiak –

According to new research from Bitwise the perceptions of the Public and the SEC are false, and the real Bitcoin market is more Mature and more organised than the country’s common opinion.

Only in March published Bitwise a frightening report about the “fake reported volume of crypto-currency exchanges”. In the report, Bitwise stressed, however, that it currencies in addition to the stock markets, falsify the volume of trade, a perfect “free market” Crypto (for me real trade volumes) there. Bitwise, the American stock exchange regulator, the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) has now presented a further report, just a week after re-shift of the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF in which it is proposed that the trading of “selected” crypto-currency exchanges runs out, Mature, and organized and efficient enough to an ETF build.

After you have removed the fake volume and fake data out of the equation, you have a very efficient and orderly market that is supported by a regulated derivatives market of considerable size.

In Accordance with the previous report, the new 104-page white paper indicates that the reported volume of only ten stock exchanges is correct. All other exchanges do not report fake “economic” data, in order to obtain a Ranking on CoinMarketCap and thus attract more customers and to be able to higher listing fees for new Coins require.

According to the new report, the stock exchanges have market, the “real” volume, the opportunities for Arbitrage, however, is greatly reduced. In March wrote Bitwise, that is, the Arbitrage between the exchanges in real BTC-the spot market “remarkable,” was, because of the lack of a “coordination” of prices to “real” exchanges. This have changed now, however. In the new report, writes bit by Bit, firstly, the adjustment of the price to the “trading places” and secondly, the speed with which the price difference is decreasing, has been greatly improved.

The price offset is calculated Bitwise on the “consolidated price” on the basis of the last traded price of BTC to the 10 “real” stock exchanges and their weighted average for the calculation of the consolidated price. This price is calculated every second. To summarize the analysis, analysed Bitwise, the average deviation of the price of each stock by the above-mentioned consolidated price. Dabe the calculation showed that the Spreads between the spot prices on the ten stock exchanges, with real volume in April had a Median of only US $ 1.31.

The report also stressed that the Bitcoin Futures Trading market is compared to the actual spot trading volume on the stock exchanges of meaning. In addition, the date refers to the price in the most prestigious markets its Index from these ten trust exchanges trusted, just as it would make the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF:

We are referring to prices of 10 crypto exchanges, representing Substantially all of the trading volume in the Spot-Bitcoin-market.

In addition, the report notes that the volume of trading of Bitcoin Futures is compared to the actual spot trading volume of around 30% of the spot volume.

In addition, the trade should be focused much more on the USA than the reported Figures suggest. About 30 % of the real volume to be transacted through stock exchanges, with its headquarters in the United States. Nine of the ten “real-scale” exchanges, regulated by FinCEN under the Money Services Business Regulation. Six of them also in New York, keep BitLicense notoriously hard-to-reach.

The results of the above statistical models indicate that the Bitcoin market is healthier and more Mature than the General perception. Whether the report is to convince the SEC to approve the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF, however, remains to be seen.

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