All three suspects of bomb attack in Lyon arrested

d7fd42c10c094c7412986bbc340f2079 - All three suspects of bomb attack in Lyon arrested

In connection with the attack in Lyon from last Friday, Monday, all three suspects were arrested. That, the French government announced. It comes to two men and a woman.

With the attack in a busy shopping street in the French city of Lyon were Friday thirteen people injured. Monday, could three suspects of that attack nabbed.

One of the suspects, reports the French public prosecutor’s office that a 24-year-old man. French media know that it was going to be a ingenieursstudent that Sunday was already identified. He is in the seventh arrondissement of Lyon in the collar. Another suspect is a woman.

About their motives and the specific role that they are not zoudden have played, however, as yet, no clarity. Details about the suspects or about the place where they were held, were not disclosed.


The police dispersed Saturday a picture of a suspect, a still image from a security camera. It was going to be a partly masked man on a bike that a dark pair of sunglasses wore. He is suspected of a bompakket to have left for a bakery chain Brioche Dorée. That bomb would be screws and bolts.

A day after the bombing could also have DNA from a suspect to be isolated and was a very small amount of TATP, a powerful explosive, were recovered.

The French police treats the bombing as a terrorismezaak. The explosive TATP was found on the exploded bag in the shopping street in Lyon, was also used for the jihadist attacks in Paris in november 2015 and in Brussels in march 2016.