Zita Wauters and Giovanni Kemper present Teen Musical

45a57958023f163a31935ef6e7456713 - Zita Wauters and Giovanni Kemper present Teen Musical

Ketnet and Studio 100 save for the sixth time, the hands together for a new edition of Teen Musical. New this year is that the presentation is in hands of Zita Wauters and Giovanni Kemper. Zita played in 2016 in the Teen Musical: Kadanza Together. Gio was in the past few years in the jury of the Teen Musical and is currently playing in the musical Aladdin.

Gio Kemper: “I look very hard forward to this year’s presentation, together with Zita, to take me. After three years in the jury to have been, I know the program, of course, very good. I’m very much looking forward to this adventure together with the candidates experience and the candidates to see them grow in this program, and who knows, I can even here and there (as a former member of the jury) some tips and tricks to give!”.

Zita Wauters: “When I was asked to this year’s Teen Musical to present, I was super excited. I myself can well sympathize with all of what the candidates feel because I have this all been there. I hope they so some tips can give and nice can say on that ‘stressmomentjes’. The great thing is that I got this together with Gio may be present. But what is also so funny is it was during my own audition a few years ago in the jury! I’m already huge!”