Trump minimize North Korean raketproeven to visit to Japan: ‘Small arms’

64d50b0935bb0fc62f148bd8654755b2 - Trump minimize North Korean raketproeven to visit to Japan: ‘Small arms’

The American president Donald Trump has Sunday during his visit to Japan, the recent North Korean raketproeven minimized. He undermines this way judgments of his own national security adviser John Bolton and the Japanese government.

‘North Korea fired some small arms, what some of my people and others worried, but not me, ” president Trump on Twitter. “I am confident that chairman Kim (Jong Un) and his promise I shall keep.’

The American president is in Japan for a four-day state visit and sent his tweet just a few hours after his own national security adviser John Bolton had noted that the recent wapentesten of Pyongyang “without a doubt” a violation of the resolutions of the UN Security council. Also the Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe, on Monday, an interview with Trump, condemned the tests.

Trump made on Twitter is also happy about that the North Korean regime to the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden a stupid student with a low IQ’ had been mentioned. The American president wondered whether Kim will be ‘a signal’. Biden had Trump earlier accused of being ‘dictators and tyrants’ as Kim and Russian president Putin on the court.

Golf and reception by the emperor

The Japanese prime minister Abe and Trump could the North Korean situation already discuss during a round of golf. The two golffanaten went to a game store in the Mobara Country Club in Chiba. Trump is also the first foreign head of state that is received by emperor Naruhito, who he took over from his father royal highness akihito. Naruhito and empress Masako, who is at Harvard studied will be a dinner to organize.

‘Prime minister Abe has me quite clearly said: “You are the guest of honor”’, boasted Trump for his departure. ‘There is but one guest of honor at the biggest event that they have over the past 200 years have known. So it is something fantastic.”