Spanish socialists grow even

6c6a547b6393f7ca9d4684265295c3c4 - Spanish socialists grow even

The PSOE would, according to a exitpoll, 18 seats to achieve in the European Parliament. That there are four more than in 2014. Vox, the radical right-wing party, would be four to five seats to achieve.

In Spain one in two voters go to the polls. According to a exitpoll in command of the Spanish newspaper ABC would be the social democratic party PSOE 30,3 percent of the votes to gain and is thus, just as in the national elections at the end of april, the largest party. Pedro Sánchez, who was very active in the campaign, continues its victorious march on.

The conservative Partido Popular wins 19.5 percent and ending on the second place. They would be 16 seats to achieve. The result is a small improvement compared to the parliamentary elections, but she has since that painful defeat her discourse moderate.

The radical right-wing party, Vox would be 8.2 percent gain, good for 4 to 5 seats.