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Slotspeeldag in Italy, with sensational end: Nainggolan kicks Inter to Champions League, also Castagne has ticket bite

076816c4cd81a4b1d4536dd97ac8952e - Slotspeeldag in Italy, with sensational end: Nainggolan kicks Inter to Champions League, also Castagne has ticket bite

The slotspeeldag in the Serie A announced itself as a particularly exciting since some questions had to be answered. Who could win a national championship Juventus and Napoli to the Champions League and who is relegated along with Frosinone and Chievo?

The starting position was clear: if both Inter, Atalanta as Milan in their match won, then that would be both Inter as Atalanta, the Champions League and was Milan ‘condemned’ to the Europa League. Since both Inter as Atalanta in their final race at home afwerkten against, respectively, Empoli and Sassuolo, while Milan visit to SPAL, lay the cards in the most favourable way for the teams of Radja Nainggolan (Inter) and Timothy Castagne (Atalanta). Inters will opponent Empoli did not have the points required to maintain to indemnify.

Milan took an excellent start and led after 23’ 0-2 with goals from Calhanoglu and Kessie. Atalanta, for his part, was surprisingly left behind after a stunning goal from Berardi. Fortunately for Castagne and co frommelde Zapata before the break, the equalizer, against the ropes. Inter, with Nainggolan in the base, remained on the rest of stitches on a tie and fell virtual uçit the Champions League. Vicari had SPAL against Milan or the aansluitingstreffer concerned.

Suspens after the rest

The turning point came after the peace. First, there was Fares that SPAL in addition to Milan, and almost simultaneously came both Inter as Atalanta the lead. The second half was not even ten minutes away, or Milan was a favourable starting position is already fully kwijtgespeeld.

Pasalic pushed just past the hour, a third hit against the ropes for Atalanta so already Castagne is the ticket for the Champions League up for grabs. But also Milan did not give up to, and came through again Kessie again on the lead (2-3). This approached the rossoneri to within one point behind a point of their fellow citizens.

A quarter of an hour for affluiten seemed to be the miracle to take place for Milan. Empoli, at that time, virtually degrading, scored the equalizer on the field of Inter so all of a sudden no Inter but Milan to the Champions League if and Empoli maintaining safe suggested.

Decisive Nainggolan

But it took a long time to the delight of Milan and Empoli. Radja Nainggolan, who else, slammed Inter with nine minutes to play still virtual to the kampioenenbal to the detriment of their fellow citizens. What followed were nine heart-pounding minutes in which Balde is still red and got a goal from Brozovic was rejected.

Eindverdict: Atalanta and Inter may be together with Juve and Napoli for the Champions League, Milan is the place for the Europa League and Roma plays will participate in the qualifiers of the Europa League. Empoli accompanies Frosinone and Chievo to Serie B, Genoa had to tie in and against Fiorentina sufficient to preserve secure on the basis of… a better goal difference: -18 at -19.