Rare white panda spotted in China

3658adc7996338fe2fb9e859a58b01a7 - Rare white panda spotted in China

In a nature reserve in southwestern China, researchers have a rare white panda photographed. It seems to be an albino of one or two years old.

The images of the panda without the distinctive black and white coat date of april 20 this year. Researchers in the Wolong nature reserve in Sichuan province, camera traps set prepared and managed the animal to photograph.

Li Sheng, a researcher at the university of Beijing, the suspect is an albino. “The eyes seem to me to be red and the coat looks almost white. Judging by the images, it is not whether it is a male or a female. The animal seems to be healthy and I estimate the age of a year or two.’

The researchers have additional infrared cameras in the area in order to find out whether the white panda has contact with other pandas. More than eighty percent of the wild pandas live in Sichuan province, the rest of the population lives elsewhere in China.