Opdoffer for Macron

c0d908b37896a8e530ac11caa738e40b - Opdoffer for Macron

In the European elections gets Macron the time being not on the party of Marine Le Pen.


In France there is a record attendance for the European elections. But that is-according to the first estimates that Le Soir could read, not in favor of President Macron. Macron had waged a vigorous campaign, and he portrayed himself in Europe as one of the performers, including through a French-German axis in the Union a new élan. But the voters will reward him there, apparently not yet.

According to Le Soir , gets its Liste Renaissance about 19 to 22 percent. But the Rassemblement National, the party of Marine Le Pen, gets probably between 23 and 25 percent. The young Jordan Bardellla is the star of that party within Europe.

The traditional party bags in France further away.

Les Républicains, the rechtsconservatieve party, gets up to 13 percent. The socialists seem to be just the new electoral threshold of 5 percent not to get. That means that they have no European office. But the radical left-wing La France Insoumise of Jean-Luc Mélenchon would be 7 to 8 percent, just as the greens.

Macron has lost nothing because his party arrived at the previous European elections of 2014. It is the forerunner of Les Républicains (the Union pour un Mouvement Popular) which is estimated at 7 percent would return. Also the socialists are in comparison with 2014, when she was still at 13.9 percent, pulled, pulped.