New single Luc Van Meeuwen now available

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For anyone who is not as ‘squeaky, but also not so stick’, calls with the climbing of the years, the feeling, occasionally, a moment to look back and take stock . One asks, then, whether it was all worth it. The answer to that request, Luc van Meeuwen with a resounding “YES, more than worth the effort’, answer.
A great career, loved by family and friends and not to mention a multitude of fans, who by Luc more or more are considered to be family. This feeling of satisfaction looking back is beautifully sung in his new single ‘I Look to the years’came from his succesalbum ‘Real Friends’. Luc Van Meeuwen do that with the single ‘I Look to the years’taken from his critically acclaimed album ‘True Friends’. A cheerful song that is supported with a beautiful video clip.