Monday case of child abduction in The Embassy

ceebf0bc71794b7c29a5b06dad576cae - Monday case of child abduction in The Embassy

Tomorrow, in the seventh episode of The Embassy, bends consul-general Jean-Paul located in Rio de Janeiro, on the sensitive case of the Flemish Johnny: his son Joshua was in 2015 kidnapped by his Brazilian ex-girlfriend, and since then all contact vebroken. Johnny is at the end of the board, but there seems to be finally shot in the case. In Salvador, should a court determine whether he and his son finally will see. Jean-Paul is traveling with him: “I can not with the merits of the case, that is something for judges and lawyers. But I can be present for moral support. That may seem like nothing, but he has the need.”

Consul Hilde draws the interior of Kenya for a special appointment. A young woman has lost her husband in an accident with a gyrocopter. She continues with much sadness and many questions behind, but was hit by her busy job as a manager of a huge nature reserve, not at the consulate to get answers. Hilde must themselves the distant and adventurous movement.
The call for independence is louder than ever in Catalonia. Demonstrations and protests make for anxieties in a lot of Belgians and that they feel at the consulate in Barcelona …

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