Luc Verschueren out to Jacques Vermeire

0355823f9696c78c79059b45a4638c21 - Luc Verschueren out to Jacques Vermeire

Saturday morning something for 8 hours, Luc Verschueren leave of his radio program “Start your weekend”. The presenter, with 40 years of service celebrating this summer’s 65th birthday, and that means the end of his radiocarrière. The ‘lucky Luc Verschueren. Now yes, was so happy to Luc Verschueren, not when he heard it for him over and out at Radio 2. “It’s a little strange to say goodbye after almost 40 years of radio,” began Luc Saturday morning his last presentation. His very last words at the end of the program? “All a good day, I am getting away with it”. But the real farewell was followed Sunday morning in The Roundabout on Radio 2.