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Lewis Hamilton wins thrilling Grand prix of Monaco, Max Verstappen fight long for victory, but is ultimately only fourth

fe3fec0d61bd77b1769c0aac95a77e84 - Lewis Hamilton wins thrilling Grand prix of Monaco, Max Verstappen fight long for victory, but is ultimately only fourth

Lewis Hamilton has for the third time in his career, the Grand prix of Monaco won. The British world champion had to work hard to fight: due to a bad tire choice he had the whole race Max Verstappen behind him. The Dutchman however did not order Hamilton to pass and was given a time penalty of 5 seconds at the end of the race, which Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) second and third were.

Nowhere is qualifying as important as in Monaco, where overtaking is already since year and day is particularly difficult. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas seemed so ideal cards in-house for Mercedes an unprecedented 6th dubbelzege in a row books. But with ever-combative guys like Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel just behind them, you know, of course, but never. And certainly not if the weather gods are still in the pap to pieces had: the chance of rain during the race was high.

At the start got Mercedes immediately a warning shot. Max Verstappen had a good starting spot three and placed his Red Bull in addition to the Mercedes of Bottas, but the finn could – with effort – his second spot to keep. The leading quartet was followed by Daniel Ricciardo, the winner of last year. A repetition was found with his Renault, however, impossible. After eight laps looked Ricciardo already facing a backlog of almost twenty seconds on number four Vettel.

In the midfield were all eyes, meanwhile, focused on thuisrijder Charles Leclerc, who, after a strategic blunder from Ferrari only from the place of fifteen was allowed to start. The young Monegask, however, was determined to points. He devoured early in the race Lando Norris and Romain Grosjean in beautiful way. At the third, catching-up ran the error: Leclerc made contact with the Renault of Nico Hülkenberg, lost two positions and also had a flat tire.

Instead of caution to the pits to return, it stops Leclerc at lightning speed in the direction of pit lane. Result: the flapping remnants of his flat tire tore the floor of the Ferrari broke down. The safety car had even a few laps on the track so that the marshalls, the circuit could wipe. Shortly thereafter, it was all over for Leclerc, who was also under yellow flag had caught after a collision between Robert Kubica and Antonio Giovinazzi. A disastrous thuisweekend so for the young Monegask.

By the early safety car made the four leaders, each with a pit-stop. That caused problems at Mercedes that both cars at the same time to had to get. Valtteri Bottas was slightly delayed. And that also broke Max Verstappen acid: the Dutchman was too early from his pit box, sent right in the track of Bottas. The two made light contact, Stumbling crowds Bottas in the direction of the wall. A round later, the Fin an extra pit stop, which also means that Vettel passed Bottas went. Verstappen was given for the incident, a time penalty of five seconds.

After an interesting initial phase was followed by the long wait. Although there were also two jokers: leader Lewis Hamilton had the medium band imposed during his pit stop, while his three competitors all for the hard rubber chose. Hamilton was quickly on the defensive, out of fear that his tyres to the end of the race would not pick up. And also the threat of rain remained present.

Halfway through the race it started to drip, but really to continue the rain did never. And so it was wait and see if Hamiltons tyres would hold out. The reigning world champion was annoyed to be visible to the strategic choice of his team, because Hamilton did several times to complain about the radio. Verstappen waited in the meantime, while Vettel and Bottas quietly in the track remained.

In the last quarter of the race it was clear that Hamiltons tyres, indeed, their best time had. Verstappen kept the pressure high and especially in the narrow Loews-hairpin, the slowest corner on the F1 calendar, came Stumbling sometimes nose to the window cross. In the last five rounds, it was still quite warm: Verstappen came closer and tried it in round 76 of the 78 at the exit of the tunnel. The two cars touched each other, but the positions remained unchanged.

Ultimately, if Hamilton after a stressful final phase is yet the zegegebaar. Verstappen came as second over the finish line, but fell by his penalty back to place four. Sebastian Vettel was even second for Ferrari, Valtteri Bottas was third on the stage.