Kurz in Austria, at the head of the

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Exitpolls suggest that chancellor Kurz was the big winner of the European elections. The FPÖ is slightly punished for Ibiza-gate.

The conservative christian democrats of chancellor Sebastian Kurz have in their country the European elections won. This is evident from an exitpoll at 5.200 voters. The ÖVP would have to 34.5 percent, the social democratic SPÖ 23,5 per cent and the FPÖ 17.5 percent. That extreme right-wing party formed up for a few days a coalition with Kurz.

The first official results come in around 23 hours tonight

Bribery will cost you 2.2 percent

Last week came the FPÖ in trouble after a video was leaked which showed how vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache wanted to be a bribe. The unsavory saga led after a few days, until the departure of all of the FPÖ-ministers from the government-Kurz. Now the party is on backwards, but also not so much. They would, according to the exitpoll 2.2 percent losses. That translates into one zeteltje less in the European Parliament.

The party of Kurz there is 7.5 percent compared to 2014. Kurz must Monday is a vote of confidence in undergo. It is expected that these good results for the European Parliament to strengthen him.