Half of the Europeans showed up

e134da2fe5cb94ce8771e63d4c78ad23 - Half of the Europeans showed up

In the European elections is 1 in 2 Europeans come to vote. That is a first increase in a long time.

In the European block have the half of all voting voters vote also used. This is evident from a pan-European estimate. The only exception is Great Britain, which soon from the European Union get. In 27 of the other 28 countries received about 51 percent of the people show up, and in some countries even more.

In 2014, she was different. When challenged, less than 43 percent, a low point in the interest for Europe. That interest is in the lift. As a declaration designate experts to the challenges in terms of climate policy but also to the growth of eurosceptic parties.

In 2019, the European citizen more involved. Nevertheless, this is still not much in comparison with 1979. Then came 62 percent of Europeans are saying, in a European Union that is, when only 9 countries had.

Averages can be misleading. Countries like Belgium have compulsory voting, while in Poland, but 32,51% opdaagde.

BusinessEurope, the companies it represents, showed himself happy about the higher turnout. “Europe is facing major challenges. The world will not wait for us’, according to the advocacy group.