Germany has a green, not a black golf

From the exitpolls for the European elections show that the Greens their stemmenaantal double. Alternative für Deutschland wins 10.5 percent. The big losers are the political parties.

From the German exitpolls show at 18:00 hours that the governing coalition CDU/CSU and SPD considerable losses in the European elections. The winners are the Greens, who have their stemmenaantal double. They would, with 22.0 percent of the second largest party in Germany. The Union of CDU/CSU would be 7.4% losses and 28 percent of the beaches. They remain the largest party of the country.

The social democrats lose 11.8 percent and end up at 15.5 percent.

The radical right-wing Alternative für Deutschland wins 3.4 percent and ends at 10.5 percent.