Five dead whales in a week time in Sicily

8853374fe50124e56029fc532d9002d5 - Five dead whales in a week time in Sicily

In a week’s time on and around Sicily, five dead whales have been discovered. An approximately six-metre-long sperm whale was at the island of Stromboli found, reports the news agency Ansa on Saturday.

According to environmental organization Greenpeace was Wednesday already a dead whale discovered off the coast of the island of Favignana. Three other animals washing ashore to the beaches of Cefalù, Palermo and Milazzo.

In two of the beached whales was plastic in the stomach was found, according to the environmental organization. The amount of plastic could be the death of the animals, however, do not explain, said biologist Carmelo Isgrò of the university of Messina. ‘The cause must be elsewhere sought to be’, possibly with an infection or sonar signals.