Danish radicaalrechtse people’s Party seems to be halved

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In Denmark would be the Danish people’s Party firmly lose in the European elections. The social-democrats keep state and be the largest Danish group in Europe

According to a exitpoll at 8500 Danes are the cards in Denmark is somewhat rearranged. The Danish radicaalrechtse people’s Party would have two of its four seats to lose. With 13.2 percent, she is now only the third party, well behind the socialists (22,9) and the liberal Fam (20,5). In 2014 were the Danish hardliners still at the top. The Danish tabloid BT talked about a ‘dramatic reversal’. But the spokesman of the people’s Party showed himself to be gently ‘satisfied’. The party struggled in recent years with corruption scandals.

The new eurosceptic popular movement against the EU’ scores well but it is still unclear whether they are in the European Parliament may sit. When the social democrats were satisfied reactions.

With an estimated 66 percent rise was the enthusiasm for a European election is never higher in Denmark.

Means of these results that support for the extreme right-wing is shrinking in Denmark, a country that in the last few years particularly repressive showed for asylum seekers and non-Western migrants? Not necessary. On June 5, to keep the Danes a national election that, according to observers many more plays in the Danish heads than the European election. According to the polls would be Stiff Kurs, a xenofobere party, there can break. Stiff Kurs wants to 700,000 muslims, deport.