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Antwerp-players Lamkel Zé and Sinan Bolat happy with qualifying, but they play next year for Antwerp

5c98765430785e7ac2a21bb66a19bdb9 - Antwerp-players Lamkel Zé and Sinan Bolat happy with qualifying, but they play next year for Antwerp

Didier Lamkel Zé and Sinan Bolat played an important role in the European qualification of Antwerp. But neither of them knows whether it is next season into Europe, with Antwerp.

Sometimes it’s head nor tail of what Didier Lamkel Zé. Careless or suddenly hurt, but usually astounding and at times sublime. Also against Charleroi. First went to ie nicely for the 2-2 of Refaelov, and afterwards operated Lamkel Zé Mbokani.

“The coach said that it’s a bekermatch could be”, opened Lamkel Zé, dressed in basketuitrusting, while the majority of the players in the tracksuit of the club came trotting towards them. “Unfortunately we started poorly, although we thought not a catastrophe. We have not hang down our heads. The faith has always been there, especially since the star of the Team everything is possible. Which 0-2 has even shaken up, and afterwards we are going to push, with the help of which deserved the red card. We have collectively done and so is Europe earned. It can be hard, but faith is great.”

The attacker does not yet know whether he will be in the Season to admire will be: “My future? We’ll see, because I still need to talk with D’onofrio. First, rest and family visits in Cameroon. And then even stronger to come back, yes.”

Also Bolat don’t know

Antwerpdoelman Sinan Bolat played once more strong, but could in retrospect be disappointing not to hide. A lot of work, he had not against Charleroi, Sinan Bolat. The Turkish Limburger seemed to have a black Sunday to be heading when the Henegouwers. But everything was still good, though it seems that what concerns his own future, not for tomorrow. Bolat is still a year stuck in the corner, but white smoke was still there: “I deserve some respect”, thought the Antwerpgoalie.

But first to the match, there seemed to be for Antwerp: “We started weak, so we quickly 0-2 came. Wrong communication, and in that second goal, I had better have it done. But we had plenty of time to still come back, and that we have fantastic way done. We are proven to be mentally and physically strong. The victory was tel, it was a must after such a long and difficult season, that is still a lot of energy”, said Bolat, who was already fast on his future: “I’ve said enough, but until now I have still nothing heard or read,” sounded Bolat disappointed. “It is up to the board now, while I have other things to read. About other goalkeepers, yes. I’d rather the club be honest with me and not a way choose. Again: I have my thing already expressed, I was always clear, but now it is up to them. I can do no more, hey, and I deserve that clarity. But Europe or the title soon, would be nice with Antwerp, because truly it is all here for something beautiful to put down. Look: when I drew, I wanted this club to the top. And I think that my contribution have provided. If the club will soon be clear is that for both parties is good. I have enough options (the Turkish top and Spanish first graders Leganes and Valladolid, ed.), but without clarity it is difficult. Also mentally, I still have no decision, because I’m still two weeks away, with the Turkish national team.”