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Antwerp gets Charleroi on the knees and may Europe in

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Hello Europe, Antwerp is coming. The team of Laszlo Bölöni put the crown on the work after a great season. Refaelov and especially Mbokani against Charleroi will be very skewed situation (a 0-2 deficit) is totally right. Depending on the fate of KV Mechelen puts the Great Old, for the second or third qualifying round of the Europa League, final score 3-2.

For the first time in since 1997 (Antwerp) or 2015 (Charleroi). That was the bet this afternoon, at the back, where, surprisingly, ‘only’ 11.500 fans appeared, partly because of the so-called risicomatch was. The absent were wrong, and that was all clear after… 9 seconds. Bruno kicked off, Morioka’d fling the ball forward, where Van Damme, the ball is unhappy in the course of Osimhen headed home. The Nigerian goaltjesdief was not to stop and pushed his twentieth goal of the season diagonally past Bolat. The fastest goal ever in the Jupiler Pro League, he took the record off compatriot Ezekiel, in 2013, after 10 seconds touch found for Standard in Genk. Also when was Van Damme, but that was with an assist.

Schwalbe but goal

Antwerp had already haunt and Bölöni looked worrisome, especially when Baby after a mistake of Ilaimaharitra a big chance obviously about to bounce back. And even when Dessoleil after 12 minutes, 0-2. Morioka actually had yellow for a schwalbe, but Laforge saw a violation and the defender kicked the vrijschop then handsome. We were barely started, or the Great Old seemed to be his reward after a splendid season already lost.

Seemed, as it continued goals to rain, this time on the other side. After a huge hassle for the purpose of Riou, got Arslanagic the ball anyway to Mbokani and who drove the ball past two Charleroi players on the line and against the nets. The home team back in the match and after 20 minutes was everything, even to dressing. Lamkel Zé popped up suddenly in the back of Zajkov and was in the sixteen laid down by the North-Macedoniër, who knew immediately how late it was. He was last man and so sent Laforge him with red of the field. Lamkel Zé wanted the penalty, already of itself convert, but she decided quickly and wisely to the task of Refaelov. With success, because he kicked the 2-2 low and hard inside.

Topsave of Bolat

The stadium roiled in the meantime, that you may be seen that rollercoaster well imagine. With eleven against ten attempted to Antwerp to go on his elan, but since Charleroi briefly on his organization dealt with, was to create opportunities difficult. Further than a screening of Refaelov and a header from Seck came to rest not more. Oh well, still plenty of time.

Mazzu sent during the pause what for, and did the same again. He gave a note with Ilaimaharitra, half the team left to read and then in his stocking stuck. It had probably nothing to do with it, but then immediately came a cross from the left for the feet of Osimhen, that eye-to-eye with Bolat. Only thanks to an excellent rescue of the Turkish-Belgian, it was not 2-3.

Just not a hattrick

While Mazzu to the hair grip, grip Bölöni for the first time. Rodrigues was in it for the Baby and after a beautiful spot provided that Refaelov soon a reuzekans for. Now it was the lat that the 3-2 stood in the way. Not to worry, for the Antwerp-fans: lead came is still. Lamkel Zé devieerde a high cross smart to Mbokani and worked the ball wonderfully subtle beyond Riou. All that red-and-white saw it, was crazy.

Mazzu had to do something now and brought Niane, Perbet was missing, after all, due to an injury. The incoming attacker threatened immediately with a low but harmless shot. Than were Lamkel Zé (with links on Riou) and Mbokani (on the bar) closer to the 4-2. A hattrick of Dieu, that was certainly a godsend for Antwerp. In the slotseconden he missed a reuzekans, but made it eventually. His team held out and celebrated a party with the supporters.