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Wagner performs the press: KV Mechelen also risk first amateurklasse

777c7eb5803f4bda6eb10cef25569991 - Wagner performs the press: KV Mechelen also risk first amateurklasse

KV Mechelen is risking not only a season with points deduction in 1B, the club would still be able to be restored to first amateurklasse. This is evident from the decisions that bondsprocureur Kris Wagner (photo) Thursday night to the various parties in the omkoopzaak KV Mechelen-Waasland-Beveren sent. Today, the Wagner at least three hours to plead for the Dispute Appeal by the football association.

In his original claim had Wagner for KV Mechelen ‘relegation of the first team guys to the immediately lower division required. The immediately lower section defined he as a 1B because Malinwa in the meantime, the promotion to the 1A had won. But in his 225-page decisions after the openingspleidooien comes Wagner responds to the position of Tubize. The club finished last in 1B and introduced as intervening party that the bondsreglement misinterpreted.

Article B. 2008 prescribes that ” if the club by a final decision in a lower division plays than this in which they came out at the time of the infringement (as in the case of KV Mechelen), they are referred to the immediately lower division than which they released at the time of saying words’.

Because the final judgment in accordance with the timing of the bond before 30 June will fall and KV Mechelen in the season 2018-2019 a 1B club, why it should drop to first amateurklasse. Wagner speaks in his decisions was not clear about what the correct interpretation is and seems to be the hot potato by scrolling to the Dispute Appeal.

Myny two months suspended?

The bondsprocureur fit his claim on a different point. So he pulls Olivier Myny’s status as a spijtoptant in doubt, and he requires two instead of one month effective suspension for the ex-player of Waasland-Beveren.

Today is the only Wagner on the word, Monday and Tuesday all parties the opportunity to respond. Before the next weekend there would be a decision of the disputes committee, the Appeal should have been.