Russia needs Ukrainian sailors release

2a085515ab2d18920d85778a50345705 - Russia needs Ukrainian sailors release

Half a year after a violent confrontation with Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea, the International Zeerechttribunaal in Hamburg’s immediate release ordered of the 24 sailors in Russia are secure.

Also must Moscow the ships that in november took, to the Ukraine, back, ruled judge Jin-Hyun Paik Saturday in Hamburg. Both sides are also allowed to not take measures that the extremely tense situation on the top can float.

The Russian coast guard last year, the sailors, in their attempt to get from the Black Sea to the Azov Sea to sail, with violence stopped and arrested. The men are sitting since then in pre-trial detention in the Russian capital.

The judgment is problematic, because Moscow boycott the process in Hamburg. Russia is of the opinion that only a Russian court on the issue can judge.