Luc Verschueren after 40 years farewell of the microphone

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After 40 years behind the Radio 2 microphone stops Luc Verschueren for weekly radio programs.
In 1979, Luc at Omroep Brabant & East Flanders to the battle and in 1985 he started Sportkaffee for omroep Limburg. Then, he was 14 years, not to think of the Saturday morning where he, together with Dirk Somers Ochtendkuren with Somers & Verschueren presented. Good for a whopping 466 episodes, with a lot of legendary moments. This was followed by another Neighbors Verschueren, and A la prima, and since 2012 he will present again on Saturday morning. Saturday morning presented by Luc Verschueren the last broadcast of his zaterdagochtendprogramma Start your Weekend.

The departure of Luc Verschueren is a good reason for Christel Van Dyck to Luc to join in The Roundabout. It was a special recording with guests and artists, and of course Luc himself who talks about his long career. The transmission is integral to listen to on Sunday 26 may at 8.00 pm on Radio 2.

In The rotunda overflowing, Christel Van Dyck Sunday with Luc the turns of forty years of professional life. For the occasion, no intimate tête-à-tête, but with a visit of people that radiocarrière played their part.

As Sam Gooris, which is his first one and a half minute radio Luc – “and Dirk Somers, we were always all together,” continues Luc regularly the dots on the i – owes. “They wanted my single not run. Then I moved to Hasselt driven to ask if they still have a chance. Da’s good, said to the men, come down to Sportkaffee. If we have some time left, you might have a piece of singing.” Sam went, waited patiently, and was allowed to sing. “There was still a minute and a half about, so I have one verse and one chorus can sing,” laughs Sam. 90 seconds, for which he is still grateful, because it is the beginning of a long career.

Also, Axelle Red took her first musical radiostappen at Luc, then as Fabi. “That was really impressive for me, at the GRT of the province of Limburg may occur! That I’ve never forgotten. I’m always keep going as Luc invited me. He is the only one for whom I again and again and again with pleasure as early as my bed am released,” she says. Something Paul Michiels and Els De Schepper could only agree. Stop with the present, also means saying goodbye to that faithful companion, the micro. Therefore, wrote ex-Ochtendkurenredacteur Veerle Segers specially for this broadcast, a duet between Luc Verschueren and micro, for the occasion, performed by Danny Wuyts (Luc) and Els De Schepper (the micro).

Behind the scenes, Luc was also active as a producer of Margriet Hermans. Who knows well how messy Luc Verschueren his desk always was. “I had my program start preparing, and I found no place on that desk,” she says. “Margaret, at that time there was nérgens enough place for you,” jokes Luc. “That is true again,” laughs Daisy on her well-known exuberant way.