Johan & The Bals and Pieter Van Keymeulen to see in F!ERce

9e7a9ea70e70415ed8aeebde8ed24c9f - Johan & The Bals and Pieter Van Keymeulen to see in F!ERce

From 10 October 2019, there is with F!ERce in the Mechelen Theatre M a remarkable production. F!ERce tells the story of a fragile man in his twenties. A foefelende broker. And a phenomenal drag queen. That’s all you need for a tragi-comic cocktail of protest, friendship and riots that history wrote. Lieven De Brauwer, is a director of service. Two well-known names from successful series join forces. Johan & The Bals (Obi from the Buurtpolitie) and Pieter Van Keymeulen (Laurens from Family) to work together on this production with Yves De Lathauwer.

New York, June 27, 1969. Jonathan, a timid African-American man in his twenties, ends up on the street after his parents discover that he for the men. He finds refuge with David, a perennial yuppie who is ‘in the closet’ hidden and Jonathan recommends to do the same. But that is outside of Fiora LaRitz counted. The legendary grofgebekte transvestite, that David is better known than he wants to admit it, takes Jonathan on a trip to the Stonewall – a clandestine gay bar where the cops continually invade the motley clientele in the buoy to store. “But not tonight, darling!” Fiora and Jonathan become embroiled in a nocturnal rebellion against the police violence, to the dismay of David. And when Fiora discovered that David hides a secret, the gate of the dam.