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Crypto-App Robinhood launches trading with 7 Coins in New York – Coin Hero

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Crypto-App Robinhood launches trading with 7 Coins in New York

Home News crypto-App Robinhood launches trading with 7 Coins in New York

Matthias Nemack –

The App Robinhood is in various U.S. States and growing in popularity. Now the offer for Bitcoin and other Coins will be extended to New York.

App provider Robinhood extended radius of action

Whether the company Robinhood has chosen its name wisely, was discussed by crypto fans in the past. It is certainly right: The US Federal state of California from the Startup, Robinhood will win for some time after the new customer. Users of the App can currently act in addition to shares, also crypto-currencies on the application of digital. In the home of the most important stock exchange in the world, Wall Street, was the Format to date, not available. This is changing, however, as the company has announced the end of the current week. The operator announces that the commercial App has now received the approval for New York.

Seven of the most important digital currencies are available

In the same breath it was announced that digital currencies should be in the first step, tradable via the Robinhood App. Who wants to buy digital currencies in the App for mobile devices in the said state, and to sell, can access the following seven tokens:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin

In addition, users have the ability to keep track of price movements to 10 other currencies through the App at a glance.

Implementation of the new license took a few months

It is worth noting in the context of that crypto-currencies via the App (at least currently) be purchased for free. The range increase is for the young company important to the own market share to further expand. Meanwhile, about six million people to act according to the provider in almost 40 States. The platform was founded until the beginning of 2018. The recovery is quite impressive. In the year of establishment of the Service was only available in 16 States for a four-million User available. The BitLicense approval for the Expansion of the company received in the first month of the year 2019. As the saying goes: Good things come to those that wait.

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