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Yves Vanderhaeghe must first two matches of next season in the stand to sit through woedeuitbarsting in Play-off 2-final

24a98fbb45d2078096ea2b841b023291 - Yves Vanderhaeghe must first two matches of next season in the stand to sit through woedeuitbarsting in Play-off 2-final

The board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) has Yves Vanderhaeghe Friday, two days suspended and a fine of € 2,000 imposed. The coach of KV Kortrijk to the first two matches of next season in the stands to sit.

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Vanderhaeghe was in the final of Play-off 2 to the stands sent. In the slotminuten of the home game against Sporting Charleroi (1-2) was KV Kortrijk an interesting attack denied. Referee Laforge explained the game still, after two players of Charleroi against each other clashed. Afterwards, he gave a ball.

Vanderhaeghe went through the ribbon, and fulminated against Lardot and his fourth official Kevin Van Damme. That gave, among others, that the T1 of the Guys outside of the neutral zone was, in which Vanderhaeghe in the stands was taken. The coach hit at the exit of the trainersbank almost a gate to smithereens.

The facts are described in the scheidsrechtersverslag as a “disproportionate, aggressive and rude reaction”. Also his attitude after the race, Verhaeghe aangewreven. So would the coach, the referees to their dressing room have waited, to once again be against the refs ranting.

The Bondsparket therefore required two days suspension, but KV Kortrijk and Vanderhaeghe refused that criminal procedure. For the arbitration committee argued Vanderhaeghe that the tribuneverwijzing not go was, because he no insults had uttered, and also the neutral zone had not been abandoned. According to Vanderhaeghe, were the expressions of frustration and emotion on erroneous arbitral decisions, but he remained respectful to the refs.

The Dispute drew that statement from Vanderhaeghe in doubt. “The scheidsrechtersverslag and the tv footage say something else. Such a response can not be tolerated. Enter the event during the match, yell at the scheidsrechterskorps, ostentatious wegwerpgebaren and aggressive act, even after the exclusion. These are all things that have no place within football,” was the severe judgment. “Vanderhaeghe has as a trainer to set an example. And so we must also set an example so that such misconduct will not occur again on other levels.”

Vanderhaeghe can still appeal against the judgment and has until Sunday afternoon the time to do that. The treatment thereof is done in principle on Tuesday by the Dispute Appeal. A suspension is for next season.

In addition to a disciplinary sanction by the royal belgian football association, risk Vanderhaeghe also a contribution of 5,000 euro to have to pay to the social projects of the Pro League. The endorsement thereof is done in principle, the board of directors of 7 June.