Washington announces 17 new charges against Julian Assange

9bf13759cdc2490587517507c3cb55ca - Washington announces 17 new charges against Julian Assange

The U.s. department of Justice last Thursday, seventeen new charges against WikliLeaks-founder Julian Assange announced on the basis of the antispionagewetten. The Australian has been indicted for hacking.

The United States accuse him now that he has his sources in danger when WikiLeaks in 2010 approximately 750,000 military and diplomatic documents published. In addition, he is also accused of conspiring with Chelsea Manning, the former Us military inlichtingenanalist who in 2013 was sentenced. Assange is suspected of ‘helping in the obtaining of confidential information, while he knew that that could be used in the disadvantage of the USA and to the advantage of another state’, reads in a statement from the ministry.

According to the whistleblower and his supporters, he can not be prosecuted for publishing documents through the freedom of the press. But: ‘The ministry takes the role of the journalists in our democracy seriously, but Julian Assange is not a journalist”, sounds at the ministry of Justice.

Risk five, plus ten years in prison

Assange was on april 11, arrested at the embassy of Ecuador in London, where seven years he lived to an extradition to the US to avoid. That same day announced Washington that he was charged with computer hacking. This depends on him a prison sentence of up to five years, above the head, while the new charges could lead to ten years in prison.

In Sweden, the investigation into the allegations of rape against the Australian a few days ago.