Trump: ‘Huawei may be part of a trade deal with China

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The fate of Huawei can be discussed during the trade negotiations with Beijing. That has the American president Donald Trump said Thursday it.

‘Huawei is something very dangerous from a security and military point of view. Very dangerous. But it is possible that Huawei will be included in a trade agreement. If we agree, I see Huawei, however, be included in one way or another, ” said the president to journalists. It is the first time that Trump Huawei involved in the negotiations to put an end to the trade war with Beijing.

His administration has put the Chinese company previously had on a black list. Therefore American companies, their products are not available from Huawei. That ban is suspended until mid-August, but hangs as a sword of Damocles over the company.

The decision of the USA caused a shock by the entire technology sector, because that is the American chipverkopers as Qualcomm and Intel, and Broadcom makes it harder to Huawei to deliver. They suspend their deliveries to Huawei therefore on.

Too early

The president dodged questions from journalists about how he integration of Huawei in the negotiations saw. “It is early to say that. We are very worried about (the risk of), Huawei in the field of security.’

China protested formally against the American approach of Huawei.