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‘The New York Times’ tips Angèle

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The Brussels pop star Angèle (23) is the first Belgian in the prestigious list of ‘The New York Times’ the fifteen most promising European artists. “She is a role model for young people, perhaps the biggest star of the French pop’ is heard.

Angèle is hailed as ‘perhaps the biggest star of the French pop music’. Also her collaborations with Damso and big brother Roméo Elvis get praise, like the hit ” Tout oublier’.

Especially Angèles pronounced feminism makes a strong impression across the pond. ‘Balance tons quoi, her most talked about track, is an entertaining song about #MeToo. The song makes sexism a surprising theme for a pop song. Since then, Angèle asked by many feminist organizations. She is a role model for adolescents’, it sounds.

‘Angèle, for fans of Lana Del Rey, ” writes the American journalist who Angèle adored. Musically, the comparison is not completely, but The New York Times predicts her to be just as big a career as the American superstar. Plans to go on tour in the United States has Angèle yet.