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Telenet Giants Antwerp open play-offs thrilling and book eleventh consecutive victory

57fa9e7125257643a9e6005e3970c698 - Telenet Giants Antwerp open play-offs thrilling and book eleventh consecutive victory

Play-off time? No problem for Telenet Giants Antwerp! The Inhabitants opened the semi-final of the play-offs in impressive style versus Kangaroos Mechelen and so delicious on their momentum in the mainstream in the next stage. The best team of the league redeemed the poleposition immediately and recorded an eleventh successive victory.

“Sharp to the play-offs start was on our bucketlist,” knipoogde brand new MVP Paris Lee, with 16 points and 9 rebounds is one of the superstars of a collective and impressive Telenet Giants Antwerp. If the selection of coach Roel Moors Monday night in Malines (mechelen), Winketkaai again cheers is a place in the semi-finals is already a fact. If Kangaroos Mechelen in the private Winketkaai stunt is on Wednesday, may 27, a belle in the Lotto Arena in dispute.

“We always had the control and especially the rhythm of the party and that was in the first match of the play-offs hugely important,” said Tyler Kalinoski. “Of underestimation against Kangaroos Mechelen was no question. We are in the good flow, brought, tonight, confirmation, and must now especially on our momentum to go further. We are physically and mentally in top. Stay healthy and looking for that second victory Monday in Kangaroos Mechelen is now the message. Do we do that, we give ourselves a few days more rest. After a debilitating season, that would be a nice extra, says Tyler Kalinoski.

“For us nothing and may be everything,” said coach Paul Vervaeck of Kangaroos Mechelen for the party. Under that motto went to the red cross of start. At the hands of Kwan Cheatham continued to Kangaroos than to 12-8 competes in the party. Paris Lee and Vic Sanders were the funders of the Antwerp gear. Against the weak Mechelen defense hurt the Giants in the first half, but preferably 7 to 10 triples. Despite missed vrijworpen names of the Inhabitants in a cozy Lotto Arena after the first quarter than simple distance. Paris Lee was the luminary in a strong collective Telenet Giants Antwerp through scores of up to ten players in the first two quartz the score further uitdiepte to a 55-39 bonus halfway.

Tyler Kalinoski continued to shine, and this both defensively, offensively and in the rebound. He had the support of a dedicated Dave Dudzinski and a strong defensive Vic Sanders. Of 62-44 went quickly and after a momentum of Vic Sanders to a maximum 71-49 Antwerp ahead. Eleven players were in action at the Giants and all they came to scoring. But up to five were also in the double digit: Addition Paris Lee, Vic Sanders (10 points, 7 rebounds), a weather dunkende Ismael Bako (11 points, 4 rebounds), Tyler Kalinoski (15 points, 5 rebounds) and captain Dave Dudzinski (15 points, 5 rebounds). After three quartz and a 77-55 standings went in a redundant slotkwart and despite a bit shy tegenwerk of Kangaroos Mechelen to 84-62 and to a 94-62 Antwerp victory. “We were sometimes a little too lax. I will the following days my selection on keep,” warned coach Roel Moors.

Telenet Giants Antwerp-Kangaroos Mechelen 94-72

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Lee 16, Tate 3, Vanwijn 10, Sanders 10, Bleienbergh 2, Blades 5, Bako 11, Dudzinski 11, Kalinoski 15, Donkor 8, Kingsley 8

Kangaroos Mechelen: Kanda 4 , Cheatham 15, Barton ,8 Bogaerts 0, Oveneke 9, Love 15, Iarochevitch 5, Sports 11, Creppy 3, Cook 2

Quartz: 34-22, 21-17, 22-16, 17-17

Quarter-finals play-offs (best of three)


15.00 Okapi Aalstar-Oostende

15.00 Limburg United-Charleroi

15.30 Bergen-Brussels


20.00 Kangaroos Mechelen-Telenet Giants

Tuesday (possibly)

20.30 Oostende-Okapi Aalstar

20.30 Charleroi-Limburg United

20.30 Brussels-Bergen

Wednesday (if necessary)

20.00 Telenet Giants Antwerp-Kangaroos Mechelen

Calendar play-offs

Semi-final 1 (best of three): 30 may, 1 and may 3 June

Semi-final 2 (best of three): 31 may, 2 and possibly 4 June

Final play-offs (best of five): 7, 9, 11 and possibly 13 and 15 June