Team of Sky News attacked by government forces in Syria

5b02b8ad33a2a04b34e597b8f745cdd0 - Team of Sky News attacked by government forces in Syria

The British news channel Sky News has Thursday confirmed that one of its teams ‘deliberately’ is attacked by the Syrian regime, with the help of Russian armed forces. The incident occurred in the province of Idlib, the last bastion of the jihadists in the northwest of the country.

‘The team at Sky News – is clearly identified as journalists, was deliberately attacked by forces of the Syrian regime, ” writes the sender in an article that is published online.

In a video shows how the crew shot between houses and rubble and looking for coverage. “We were noticed by a military drone, and was several times attacked by, presumably, the shells of 125 mm, probably fired by a Russian T-7 tank,” explains correspondent Alex Crawford.

“We remained the target until the zone had to leave, it sounds. Crawford argues that the ‘political activist’ Bilal Abdul, who them accompanied, was hit by a shrapnel. ‘It comes to blatant violations of the rules for operations in a combat zone, ” says the journalist.

According to the Syrian Observatory of human Rights, the Syrian regime Thursday re-air strikes carried out in the region. It came to eight citizens.