Rammstein breaks Ultratop record

3ecdeec883d2ef433b80dda71f4dcdef - Rammstein breaks Ultratop record

The new album ‘Rammstein’ by Rammstein get within 1 in the Ultratop 200 Albums and thus breaks Rammstein his own record. Never before was a German album on 1 in the Ultratop.

Sam Jaspers, director of Ultratop: “Rammstein scores are now seventh top 10 album and knew his record of highest ranked German-language album time and time again to disconnect. So took out the group in 2004 for the first time in the top 5. A year later pushed them to the top 3, a record that they are from 2012, with Hansi Hinterseer shared. Then peaked Rammstein with the live album ‘Paris’ in 2017, a 2, a record that in 2018 by KLUBBB3 was matched.”