Prisoner dies after 36 years in the prison cell of four square metres

08c18f3dcfe280c10a3dd9626cd4d025 - Prisoner dies after 36 years in the prison cell of four square metres

Thomas ‘Terrible Tommy Silverstein was from 1983 his sentence in a cell of 1.8 to 2.1 metres. The man died in Colorado at age 67. Since 1977 he lived continuously in the prison.

Silverstein made it for the first time, fur in 1971 with an armed robbery. When he was nineteen. After four years he came to parole, but Terrible Tommy was his stroke is clearly not forgotten. Shortly thereafter, he with his father and cousin, three armed robberies, for which he had a prison sentence of fifteen years.

In the prison of Kansas, he came into contact with the Aryan Brotherhood, a white racist gang with a lot of gevangenismoorden on their clean. Not much later he was brought to trial for the killing of a cellmate, presumably because they refused to cooperate in the trade of heroin. Eventually suspended the district court’s judgment for false testimonies of informants.

Silverstein was transferred to amaximum-securitycell in Marion (Illinois). But that seemed to him not to stop, so he put two prisoners – an African-American gevangenisbende and a jailer down, with the result in death. In the meantime, he had two times a life sentence on his leg.


The measure was full. Both for his own safety – in the meantime, he had many enemies due to his ties with the Aryan Brotherhood – as for the protection of other detainees, was Silverstein in a tiny cell (6 by 7 feet) dumped in Atlanta. The bright lighting, there was 24 on the 24th, and the camera’s kept him constantly in the holes.

In a letter to a friend wrote Silverstein how ‘it is almost more humane to someone immediately to kill than that with intentional living to bury’, reports CNN.

Currently live in the United States as’n‘, there are 80,000 prisoners in such a ‘solitary confinement,’ says Craig Haney of the University of California at CNN. The penalty was popular in the nineteenth century, but built since then because it is ‘more bad than good did, ” says Haney in CNN.

Terrible Tommy brought in a total of 36 years in a ‘prison’, of which the last fourteen years in the ‘Supermax’ prison in Colorado, one of the most secure prisons of the USA. Silverstein would theoretically released in 2095.