Murray Head is coming to our country

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Since the years ’60 enjoy Murray Head of its status as an all-round artist, with highlights such as the megahits Say it Ain’t So, and One Night In Bangkok. He was but 17 when he by EMI was signed, played at the age of 20 his first major role in a feature film (he played o.a. in Sunday, Bloody Sunday in 1971) and was later on the shelves in Hair and he was the original Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar. Since then, it is as if Murray Head several parallel lives : as an actor in 20 movies and as many tv series as an author of film music (o.a.for Edouard Molinaro), a writer (his autobiography, en Passant came out in 2011) and still as a singer, in musicals, on cd or live.

In 2012, he released a tribute to his idols with My Back Pages where he among others, Bob Dylan, The Who and Roxy Music covered. In 2017 gives the re-release of Nigel Lived, his cult album from the ’70s, him meaning to his audience to treat you to a retrospective of his career, surrounded by virtuoso musicians such as the brilliant guitarist Phil Palmer, violinist Geoffrey Richardson, bassist Jennifer Maidman and drummer Ally McDougal.