Jeroen Meus: ‘I do but what

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Is Jeroen Meus will be the only tv chef in primetime on the Flemish television? In recent years, there are many cooking programs on tv, one and FOUR, but one by one they seem to die. And yet there is one exception and that is the only real Jeroen Meus that have a fixed value. On 20 september 2010 he went to start with the Daily Costs, in the meantime, there are a pack of episodes made and there is no wear on the formula of the program. What a contrast with the other cooking programs.
Three tv chefs has VTM has enabled the viewing figures just for ‘The Buurtpolitie’ to boost, but really successful is that time slot for years not more for the commercial channel. It worked with Sandra Bekkari, how successful her books were, how big her following was. It is still the question of what VTM this autumn will turn out. Yet another repetition or a new tv chef? Jeroen Meus tells in the newspapers of “media house” that he likes competition. “On a good for more than one stall. Right? That is also of interest to me. I wear Sandra Bekkari as a person with a warm heart. Her cooking is not, but that does not necessarily mean that they don’t have to think.” Jeroen Meus is lord and master in the tv kitchen, Bekkari is that will soon be no more. “And now, I find it also unfortunate for her. I create, there really no fun in that, I other tv chefs survive”, it sounds in The Newspaper. Will soon start the shooting of a new tv season of ‘Everyday’. The fact that production company, Hotel Hungaria is currently a new kitchen build, means that there is still a lot of seasons of ‘Daily bread’ will come. Meus may also on both ears to sleep, he doesn’t need the quick mail of the VRT is to be expected with the message that they are ‘routine’ stop. According to Meus, he can have years to continue with his cooking show. “There is no secret, and absolutely no plan. I do, but what, all of ten years sjot I hit the same ball. That of plain, simple food without pretentious to want to make.” A cooking show with a pleasant presenter who is not a faith that will preach and so also appeals to people who are less than a potato can cook, that makes ‘Daily Costs’ a recipe for success. And they which do every day in front of the stove, put there absolutely also. And in the meantime is of Meus his umpteenth book in the store: ‘Zomerkost’, it’s a question of the people ready for a hopefully, hot summer full of delicious dishes.