Is it in order with the Brexit now May is gone? Chances of no deal ” is real

Leads to the departure of May to a hard Brexit, without scheidingsakkoord? The chance seems to be much bigger.

In fact, the failed negotiations between the Conservatives and Labour about the Brexit the chance on a hard Brexit already much larger. The Brexit-deal of May, they negotiated with the European Union, received as his sentence of death. A new vote was ultimately not even for the sake of protest from their own conservative ranks.

Now May on June 7, resignation – and also really leaves as soon as her follow-up is arranged – there is a chance that the next prime minister a hard Brexiteer. That means: a trip without the scheme for the outstanding invoice (40 billion euros), for the rights of European citizens in the UK and the Irish border.

Two prominent contenders for 10 Downing Street are Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, both hard Brexiteers.

But they also premier be, depends first and foremost on the members of parliament. They choose two candidates. Then come the members to turn to the successor to appoint. According to a poll by YouGov want two-third of the members have a hard Brexit.

However, it is a majority in the parliament against a ‘no deal’. But how to avoid that, is not clear. At the same time is the question of how a premier a ‘no deal’ by parliament would recover. According to news agency Bloomberg would make the parliament a ‘no deal’, can stop, by a motion of censure against the government.

It is a hard Brexit, then the question is what the European Union would do. The EU promises to pass a trade agreement with the UK to conclude if there is a solution about the divorce and the invoice of 40 billion euros and the Irish grenskwestie. So wring the EU anyway, the next premier of the arm.