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Ibe is ‘The voice of Flanders’: “And now as soon as possible single release’

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No false note to catch you, ‘The voice of Flanders’. Biggest favourite of all, Ibe (17) has his role more than that and gets a record deal, 25,000 euros and a new car. “Music is my dream, my goal. It is what I want to do, ” says the newly crowned winner.

‘See here, ladies and gentlemen, The voice van Vlaanderen 2019!’ Alex Callier proclaimed it from the Blind audition of Ibe and repeated it again last night after the first performance of Ibe. A strong version of Way down we go of the Icelanders of Kaleo. Callier had no candidate more on the stage, he fulfilled his temporary role as madame Soleil, with verve. In the ultimate duel took Ibe the of William, and he goes now by the living as The voice of Flanders 2019.

‘And now I hope as soon as possible a first single. I have a hard half a year to wait, because then the momentum of The voice over. Of music my job is my dream and goal, ” says the dolblije winner. He the direction of Lewis Capaldi, of whom he was in the final Someone you loved brought. “I think that wonderfull songs and that is just my thing. I think it comes when I sing. I think that’s important.’

A large part of his won 25,000 euros goes to the side to invest in music. “It is what I want to do, and that is also needed. And a new piano to buy, that is also needed. It is time again for something more professional. And then would love to go on a trip or a new phone purchase, but I’m not going to do everything at once to spend, you know.’ (laughs) And the friends and family may also in their hands rub. Ibe promises to be a party with a share of the money.

Still no driver’s license

As the winner of The voice , he may also do with a new car to drive home. However, Ibe is seventeen years old and has no driver’s license. “But I’m going to immediately go for it. Now I may all my theoretical driving licence, and within half a year my practical driving licence. That makes it all a bit easier, too, for my mom, that I no longer need to drive around. In terms of planning is that sometimes it is difficult.’ It’s a deal throwing like Bram yesterday in our newspaper suggested, is not in. “No. (laughs) I enter the car to learn to drive.’

For Fee and Bram ran it earlier in the evening. Fairy had, surprisingly enough, as the first finalist left the building. They had with Talk dirty of Jason Derulo, however, a strong performance dropped, but was still the viewers not to convince. Bram was the second fall of the evening. He seemed to be during his two songs – Take on me from AHA and Viva la vida by Coldplay – to suffer from nerves, which he occasionally a note not be underestimated. It cost him a place in the final round.