Hungary used hunger as a weapon against asylum-seekers

1c3c3e63fcbd905bc52a99aae07ee6d9 - Hungary used hunger as a weapon against asylum-seekers

Viktor Orban denies asylum-seekers food. Human rights organizations and the Council of Europe to condemn the practice.

Our fourteenth (!) case of voedseldeprivatie.’ In an indignant tweet condemned the Helsinki Committee for human Rights the recent Hungarian refusal to a bunch of asylum seekers for food. The Council of Europe called the practice this week as ‘inhumane’.

The Hungarian government already began in 2018 with the denial of food to the asylum seekers that their expulsion to wait and see in two ‘transit zone’ on the border with Serbia. That policy should be asylum seekers, encourage the border with Serbia illegally to cross. In addition, the few migrants deterred, that the land of the self-proclaimed antimigratiestrijder Viktor Orban is still in want. The Helsinki committee speaks about a ‘human rights violation without precedent in the 21st century in Europe’.

In the transit area of Röszke, a fenced-in strip of containers in which asylum seekers the asylum procedure is followed, got an Afghan, set of 59 and 63 years old since last Friday, three days no food. ‘Those people are both diabetics. Outrageous!!’, said Andras Lederer, a member of the Helsinki committee, on the phone. Their case is the latest in a series of fourteen cases of ‘starvation’. That affected a total of 21 persons, among whom were several parents of families with children.

The food was again started after the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights (ECTHR). That was also the case: on Monday ordered the ECTHR the Hungarian government to the Afghan set, by emergency action, again eat. A judgment on the merits of the case is not there yet.
Thursday said the government of prime minister Orban is not on an inquiry. Budapest defends the position that asylum-seekers at any time for Serbia to be able to depart. Then they violate, however, the Serbian law by illegal border crossing, says the Helsinki committee. ‘But that’s not the Hungarian rules”, said government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs this month to The Standard. Also there are differences the government and the Helsinki committee is of the opinion. According to the committee, should expulsion be done with an ‘official escort’.

Since 2017, the transit areas to the Serbian border, the only asielloketten for those who do not yet have a Hungarian residence permit. Also called Hungary’s neighboring Serbia, a transit country on the Western balkan route, from a to a ‘safe third country’. The result is the almost routine rejection of the asylum applications of the twenty or so asylum seekers who – according to figures from the Council of Europe – monthly still be admitted to the transit areas. That approach has led to an infringement procedure of the European Commission, because of the limit of the right to asylum’, and that in a way that is ‘incompatible’ with the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

Model dismantling
In addition, now comes a condemnation by Dunja Mijatovic, mensenrechtencommissaris of the Council of Europe. They visited Hungary in February and released this week a report of its conclusions. “This practice must immediately stop,” said Mijatovic on the refuse of food to asylum seekers. But according to government spokesman Kovacs lead infrastructure for new entrants, and meals for people whose procedures have ended up perpetuating the existing migratiemodel. “That model must be dismantled.’