From Dancing queen to lonely leader: this was three years prime minister May

The British prime minister, Theresa May took the Friday morning resignation. On June 7, waving them off, but if May not a ” cat with nine lives’, had that too much in the past can happen.

May was the past few years, constantly faced with protest against the Brexit. One of the most notable actions came from a man who has her in the middle of a speech, her ‘letter of resignation’.

Also known British protested against the withdrawal from the EU. Actor Andy Serkis crept again into the skin of Lord of the ringscharacters Gollum and Smeagol. He showed masterfully what is in the head of May would deal with it.

In the British house of Commons was often bitsig. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would May even “a stupid woman” during a Brexitdebat.

Last Wednesday, it appeared that the support May in this house of Commons really was afgekalfd. During the Brexitdebat left more and more members of parliament the room, also the majority of her party members.

In spite of everything, could May still be with themselves to laugh. When she is on tour through Africa, did they do a very awkward dance. That dance spoofs they masterfully when she slightly later stage, entered to the strains of the ABBA classic Dancing queen.