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End cooperation Alonso and McLaren after a disastrous Indy 500?

457e9a3b77a987464f60ba9dbd3b7455 - End cooperation Alonso and McLaren after a disastrous Indy 500?

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown admits that the debacle of the Indy 500 be the last straw may have been for Fernando Alonso and a possible reason to find other places.

Fernando Alonso had this year set his sights on the Indy 500, the only missing puzzle piece in his hunt for the Triple Crown. We now know how it ends, and Bag of Brown sticks the hand in his own bosom.

“We have so many errors made,” says Brown in the ‘Sky.’ “The one error also brings the other with it. I had it for a while see it coming and I regret that I have not previously intervened.”

“The F1 is our priority, I was tremendously focused, and perhaps not enough on the Indy project, but I thought that everything would fall.”

“Fernando is disappointed, and we find that we see him in the have abandoned. He deserves to be in the race, but if I’m honest, I don’t think that McLaren deserved.”

Brown has not yet abandoned the hope to be with Alonso to win the Indy 500 win but now is the time for decompression and everything to settle.

“We want to get back with Fernando. I have spoken with him and we have that conversation already had. He wants to, just as we are what decompression. I think Fernando wants to win with McLaren and McLaren wants to try to win with him, I close, therefore, nothing.”

“But it is clear that there are many good teams and Fernando wants to win. As one of the top teams would call and I would Fernando Alonso have been I would sure think about it, not you?

The question is, is there one of the great IndyCar teams, as Penske or Andretti will be angling to the services of Alonso in the future.

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